Do you want to make 2021 your best EVER but afraid you won’t make it happen?

Are you guilty of creating goals for your business or new year’s resolutions and then putting them away in a drawer and not achieving them?!

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”

Well not anymore!!

You are #worthmore and that stands for:

Work for more 

Own your goals 

Reward yourself

Thrive not survive

Happiness and Fun

This programme will help you achieve your true value and earn what you are worth

And do it with the support of others rather than trying to keep going on your own

And have weekly accountability, coaching and encouragement to get it done

The #worthmore programme is for you!

Here’s what we will cover:

  • How to build your personal and business brand
  • Know your true value…. and get it!
  • How maximise your personal power
  • How to negotiate the best rate whether that’s a salary or fee or prices
  • How to build your confidence to get the best deal
  • How to Create Life-Changing Routines + Habits

I would wholeheartedly recommend Karen to anyone interested in being successful. Karen cuts to the chase and gets stuck in! Perceptive, insightful and full of great, tangible ideas that stand on a rock solid foundation of industry knowledge.

Karen is the real deal.

Tara Mei  image.

Tara Mei

Karen helped us gain a lot of clarity on our vision and how we were going to achieve it. She did a lot of hand holding and was always there to reassure us when things weren’t going so well. Karen is very focused and cares for nothing more than the success and growth of your business.

Delight Mapasure image.

Delight Mapasure

Karen Green is a business mentor, best selling author and speaker who had managed to build a six figure business and seven figure personal value despite being guilty of writing the same goals for the last three years!! She has helped her clients 10x their sales and negotiate their true worth.

Over the past four years, she has built up her mentoring business, delivered a number of training courses on sales and written a best selling book – “Recipe for Success – the ingredients of a profitable food business’ which was shortlisted for the business book awards. She also runs a successful Airbnb rental business in the south of France and is renovating a maison de village.

She is in the process of writing another book “because you are ARE worth it” aimed at enabling women to reach their financial potential which comes out in May 2021

And is focussed, disciplined and achievement orientated but still a work in progress!

What do you get on the programme?

  • Weekly coaching call – including hotseat where you can apply to have your challenge discussed and direct 1-1 mentoring

  • Weekly masterclass to deep dive into the subjects covered in the challenge

  • PDF and template downloads so you don’t have to do it all yourself

  • Email access so you can address personal challenges offline

  • Q&A sessions, and more, revolving around how to improve your value and worth

  • And the support and accountability of the group – there will only be 12 people in the group so you will get all the personal attention you need

Who is this programme for?

✔️ You have trouble achieving the goals you have set themselves

✔️ You run your own product or service business but know you are not negotiating the best prices or fees

✔️ You want to have accountability so that you actually do the things you really need to do! No more putting stuff off!

✔️ You’re ready to learn, you’re determined to succeed and you just want to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in

Who is this not for!

X If you are not willing to learn and participate in the group and support and help others

X If you are looking for a magic solution, a magic bullet – achievement comes from a little hard work, luck and a lot of help

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