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How to become a supplier for supermarkets

Supermarkets and retailers are clamouring for ways to grow their categories, increase their food fall and reduce the stranglehold of the big brands such as Coca cola and Unilever.  And that’s where challenger brands like you come in – providing high quality products that fill a definite niche that maybe the big brands have missed […]

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How to get your product in grocery stores

Who hasn’t dreamed of seeing their product on the shelves in their favourite grocery store next to the brands you ate or drank as a child?  Have you seen your competitors in the store or shouting out on social media about their listings? But how did they do it?  How DO you get your product in […]

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How to get a listing in a food distributor

Have you got an amazing food or drink that is selling well in markets?  Creating a buzz online?Or selling well in your local delis or cafes?And are you spending most of your time at the Post office having been up all night packing parcels to all these people and not being able to spend time on […]

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Stop working!!

I am a workaholic.For a brief period this year, after my mother died, during French lockdown which was pretty extensive. I stopped working 12 hour days. To be honest, I couldn’t. Didn’t have it in me.And then slowly, slowly, it has crept back up again. We are true larks – often in bed by 9 […]

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Make 2021 the best EVER!

Write a thank-you note. OMG this was the bane of my life when I was younger – writing thank you notes to relatives for presents I didn’t even like. But we had the discipline in my family and got it done. Who could you write one for today? A real one – not an email […]

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What’s the point in goal setting

I want to be controversial – does goal setting work?I have just written a 7 day FREE challenge which involves writing down goals and targets, reflecting on them and then doing the same for next year.But did you know that just 3% of the population actually set targets. And yet they are still alive and […]

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