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“Innovation is this amazing intersection between someone’s imagination and the reality in which they live. The problem is, many companies don’t have great imagination, but their view of reality tells them that it’s impossible to do what they imagine.” Ron Johnson, CEO, JC Penney Most food businesses are governed by the necessary structure and rules […]

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Setting and getting the right price for your product

As part of my profile raising strategy to publicise my book — “Recipe for success — the ingredients of a profitable food business”, I was asked to deliver a masterclass how to make a profit. And it got me thinking — how few people in the food industry actually talk about making money — so is it a dirty word (or indeed phrase?) . […]

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4 Steps to great category inspiration

When I begin a category review process, there are four stages I go through to get to the stable of future product launches and refreshes.   I am going to detail each of these and then bring it together to see how this can create the product differentiation which gives you the product power that we […]

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