Welcome to our 7 step challenge to make 2021 the best ever!

You can of course watch all the videos on one day if you want to get it all done or they are designed to be done over 7 days.

Whether you wrote down goals in Jan 2020 or not, we will work out what went well and what didn’t go to plan so that we can identify the key learning for 2021.

It's important to understand your success factors so that we build a better approach for next year.  It’s easy to set goals that we think we want but if you are not using the approach I’m explaining in Video #1, then you might be chasing achievements that won’t ever deliver the potential that you are worth.


In a world of increasing distractions and “shiny objects,” finding YOUR purpose is more necessary than ever before. 

And making sure that it is going to create the best source of wealth and value for you is critical.

In Video #2 we are going to think about how to create your purpose, define your 3 top values and how that is going to translate into the Best Ever year.

Today we are going to think about what you are worth now and how to increase it in 2021.  So yes, we will be thinking about revenue goals but also about your wealth – investments, pensions, property – how can you become a future millionaire (if you are not already!)

You won't want to miss Video #3!

We all know that 2020 was tough.  And many of us pivoted to help our businesses survive. And some had days (myself included) where we said – what’s the point?  and I have had enough... So, in Video #4, we are going to take a break from building and planning and work on your resilience to deliver your goals – what to do when the going gets tough.

When life throws you lemons – we will work out which lemonade to make!

How many times were you told last year that you need to market yourself or your brand?  How many times did you sit down and think I must “do some social media”?

So, in Video #5 we’re looking at some strategies to help you build the content plan for 2021 right now so you have content ideas all the way through the year to increase your brand awareness and deliver your revenue goals.

Ok, so, you have done all this work, got clear on your goals and it all looks way too much for one person to achieve – and that’s because it is!

Video #6, we are going to work out who is going to help you deliver this regardless of the budget you have (and I will give you some insider knowledge on how to get more funds so you CAN afford the help).

How would it feel to have ALL of 2021 planned out before the year even starts? 

In the last video of the series, Video #7, you’ll learn how to take all of your big, hairy goals and break them down into manageable projects and tasks. And put them into the action planner that you can download here.