Stop working!!

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I am a workaholic.

For a brief period this year, after my mother died, during French lockdown which was pretty extensive. I stopped working 12 hour days. To be honest, I couldn’t. Didn’t have it in me.

And then slowly, slowly, it has crept back up again. We are true larks – often in bed by 9 and up at 5am. And I will be writing blogs, sending emails and doing stuff!

And I am exhausted – I missed my second deadline this weekend – I was due to speak at a PSA event and I couldn’t find the energy to write a word let alone craft a highly practised skilled talk. It was the second time I had cancelled. Second time I had a migraine. Second time I had let someone down.

Normally I take two or three holidays a year – I go to somewhere exotic often with friends or on a escorted tour. And in the morning I check in for a couple of hours with emails….and then again in the afternoon when I get back. Last year I went to Sri lanka for 5 days…I was due to stay for 2 weeks but got so stressed, I booked a flight home and cancelled the amazing tour I had planned.

Well this year has been different …..I haven’t been anywhere – apart from 5 days in champagne region which was truly fantastic …but I did do a few emails aargh! And I am guessing you haven’t had a “proper” holiday either. Maybe a few days away as a staycation – maybe you did go somewhere across the brief airbridges that were so easily constructed and then torn down – my daughter was here with me in France until she read that they would have to quarantine for two weeks unless they returned home in 24 hours. New flights, extra cost and she left.

So what I hear you cry? Well I bet you are exhausted!
I am…totally desperate to do something I haven’t done more than one in 10 years – go lie on a beach, stay in a hotel and have someone else cook. I just want to get off the hamster wheel and stop.

Ovid, the Roman poet, said, “Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.” Your mind requires rest” I love that – my mind is like the fallow fields I learnt about at school – every so often it needs to reboot.

Most religions, have a day of rest - Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, all have their rest day when no work is done….I remember when my father used to not work on a Sunday because he worked in a department store – and no retail shops opened on a Sunday. Now the only days stores don’t open in the UK is Christmas day and Easter Sunday – but that’s not true because local convenience stores are still around.

We need to stop and take stock. I am going to be taking two weeks off over Christmas – no emails, no meetings. I will be writing my book because I have promised myself that is going to be done by end 2020…but that isn’t work for me – I love writing. But nothing else.

And I hope that I will return refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for making 2021 the best EVER. And to help you do the same, I am still running my free 7 day challenge which you can join!

Have a very fabulous Christmas and happy new year!


Ps in case you are wondering I am not working now, I scheduled this post!
Trying to practice what I preach.

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