Bounce Back! Who is doing it well?

Bounce Back Summer School
Bounce Back Summer School

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These are strange times (I know, no s**t!)

Normally we would be thinking about our summer holidays, kids breaking up, six weeks of challenge if you work and, if like me you live in a tourist town, mass influx of visitors.

But its not normal and we need to be thinking differently. Hence this series of three articles where I am focussing on Bouncing Back from Lockdown.

Lets us start by thinking about who is doing it well? I work with a huge range of food, drink and toiletries SMEs some of whom are flying at the moment and some are struggling but most are following one of three tactical survival approaches to the COVID beautifully summarized by Tom Fishburne –

FLEX – growing sales and doing well during the crisis

One of my most successful clients has been Pure Heavenly who make dairy free chocolate and sell it online.  Their sales have increased threefold in the last three months and like many manufacturers have addressed the challenges in implementing social distancing and their product are flying out the door, onto the doorsteps of their customers. 

Right product for the time and right route to market!

FIX – not completely screwed but need to significantly fix areas of their business

Most of my clients fall into this category – one good example is K’s Wors Sausages – she IS flying but has had to repivot – create an online shop to sell her wares and also develop some additional products to increase the offer and therefore basket value which has in turn justified the delivery charge. It IS working for her but has created its own problems because now she needs the funding to create the infrastructure to cope with the demand. 

Right products, new route to market

FREEZE – lock down mode – protecting and waiting for this phase to end

This sector includes airlines, travel businesses and those food businesses supply them.

I work extensively with Zinda foods who supply healthy Airwraps to Tesco food to go. It is not a surprise that this market place is struggling and so to protect the business, we have not locked down completely but instead protected the business and spent the time working out next steps for growth

Right product, wrong time

What's The Solution To Survival & Bouncing Back?

So how did they get to those results and know what to do to bounce back? There is a very simple model to do this - go back to basics using the 4 Ps of Marketing!

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How do you adapt your product range to meet the needs of your customer and still stay true to your brand values.

Cosmetic Creations have an amazing range of self tan products which they produce as white label for many famous brands. But early on they spotted the opportunity to make very high quality hand sanitizer and won some very lucrative contracts. We are now starting to think about “what next” for that business in terms of product offer as the opportunities now abound albeit in a slightly different direction

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 most of us who have worked in this industry have two approaches to costing.

Either we take the cost and add a percentage to create a selling price or we look at the competition and decide to match them – either be a little bit cheaper eg own label or set a premium eg Fever Tree base on cost and competition. But how about something completely different?

I have attended a couple of free online events recently. They asked for payment based on the value of the experience I received – maybe difficult when selling jars of peanut butter but thinking laterally is very key.

Or packaging products like M&S with their value box which meets the needs of customers who cannot get out but also increases the overall basket size

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following on from the example of M&S, value is often give to customers who buy more. So a multibuy is cheaper than buying one. Consider then the innovative retailer rotunden who charged 40 (£$.22) kr for one hand sanitiser and 1000kf (£122) for two! This helped with rationing but also created demand -

Ditto with waiting lists and other innovative ways to create scarcity that increases value and demand which promotes the product without decreasing the price!

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most of the food businesses I know are pivoting to moving online DTC and that is working well. But there are hardships in finding the right delivery method

One of the hardest businesses to do this is ice cream. But check out who are now doing delivery vegan ice cream – its £8 in shipping but she has done it!! Worked out the IP for keeping it frozen! And at the same time is listed in M&S – fabulous achievement!

BUT all this takes time and money if we are to get the results we need. 

Time – why not take time out of your business to work on your business and plan your bounce back strategy with me. Book your no obligation call here.

Money – in my next Linked in article you will see why spending money right now is essential but in meantime get ready to raise those funds and download my FREE 13 ways to get the money you need to bounce back

If you need any help, feel free to get in touch

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