Ditch New Years Resolutions Day – or How to stay on track!!

Two weeks ago I wrote the shiny article on how to create an amazing 2019.  I had learnt I need to set boundaries, take on less, work less, be more productive.  I was moving from surviving to thriving!

Within a week, I was back working the weekend, had given away lots of free time and my builder who is helping renovate my house has wriggled out of finishing what he is contracted to do…like the last one!  So I am sitting here thinking about why has it gone a little awry?

I have done great things also – saved a client £14k by spending more wisely and finding different ways to achieve the same results, got two new accounts for one client and created a new and profitable direction for another.  So it’s going ok.

But how can I get it to go better?  Well Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are good behaviours. Depending on which research you read, it takes roughly 28 days to form a habit – so if you are falling off the wagon at day 17then you haven’t given yourself a chance.  Go back to first principles, read the goals you set in week 1, reinforce the anchors and don’t give yourself a hard time.  Keep going!

Or do what I have done and get a mentor.  My mentor Natalie Sisson is helping me formulate my business goals – she is an awesome motivator and we have already had some great breakthroughs.  But the other thing is…. she is there in my corner!  She is there to support me, give me great advice and tips on how to create and achieve my business goals  and doesn’t judge – when I fall off the wagon and to help me create the success habits of 2019

So maybe you need some help too to stay on track.  You are probably expecting me now to say “And I am the one to help you do it!” 

But I might not have the right experience, not the right style or be  just too expensive with everything else you need to spend funds on.  Try these:

  • Are you under 30?  Then take a look at Princes Trust – they have some amazing mentors and all for free – https://www.princes-trust.org.uk/help-for-young-people/support-starting-business/your-business-mentor
  • Fancy getting a bit of Richard Branson help? Ok maybe not him – check out Virgin Start up team – https://www.virginstartup.org/mentoring.  I do volunteer work for Virgin and they are great and also offer loans
  • If you are not already a member of the awesome facebook group food hub – get stuck in!!  Also take a look at their mentorship programme – I offer a free session through this process and its great to road you’re your mentor!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefoodhubsupport/mentorship_application/
  • Look into getting funding for coaches – a couple of my clients has some funding to pay for my services!!

I hope this has been helpful in giving you some top tips to not fall off the wagon or be part of Ditch New years resolution day!   We are in it for the whole of the year and 2019 WILL be a success – give me a call if you need help getting back on that wagon!


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