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Ditch New Years Resolutions Day – or How to stay on track!!

Two weeks ago I wrote the shiny article on how to create an amazing 2019.  I had learnt I need to set boundaries, take on less, work less, be more productive.  I was moving from surviving to thriving!

Within a week, I was back working the weekend, had given away lots of free time and my builder who is helping renovate my house has wriggled out of finishing what he is contracted to do…like the last one!  So I am sitting here thinking about why has it gone a little awry?

I have done great things also – saved a client £14k by spending more wisely and finding different ways to achieve the same results, got two new accounts for one client and created a new and profitable direction for another.  So it’s going ok.

But how can I get it to go better?  Well Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are good behaviours. Depending on which research you read, it takes roughly 28 days to form a habit – so if you are falling off the wagon at day 17then you haven’t given yourself a chance.  Go back to first principles, read the goals you set in week 1, reinforce the anchors and don’t give yourself a hard time.  Keep going!

Or do what I have done and get a mentor.  My mentor Natalie Sisson is helping me formulate my business goals – she is an awesome motivator and we have already had some great breakthroughs.  But the other thing is…. she is there in my corner!  She is there to support me, give me great advice and tips on how to create and achieve my business goals  and doesn’t judge – when I fall off the wagon and to help me create the success habits of 2019

So maybe you need some help too to stay on track.  You are probably expecting me now to say “And I am the one to help you do it!” 

But I might not have the right experience, not the right style or be  just too expensive with everything else you need to spend funds on.  Try these:

  • Are you under 30?  Then take a look at Princes Trust – they have some amazing mentors and all for free –
  • Fancy getting a bit of Richard Branson help? Ok maybe not him – check out Virgin Start up team –  I do volunteer work for Virgin and they are great and also offer loans
  • If you are not already a member of the awesome facebook group food hub – get stuck in!!  Also take a look at their mentorship programme – I offer a free session through this process and its great to road you’re your mentor!
  • Look into getting funding for coaches – a couple of my clients has some funding to pay for my services!!

I hope this has been helpful in giving you some top tips to not fall off the wagon or be part of Ditch New years resolution day!   We are in it for the whole of the year and 2019 WILL be a success – give me a call if you need help getting back on that wagon!


Manifest 2019 success

I have been having a bit of a reflective break over the festive period and studying some great books including Tony Robbins, Denise Duffield Thomas and Janet Murray to think about how I am going to take my business and those of my clients forward in 2019.

I have already declared that I am moving from surviving to thriving and taking my clients with me.  So, in the planning days before everything goes crazy again, why don’t you take an hour out of your day to think about how to get ready for success in your business.

1. Move on from the past

Has your business been as successful as you would like it to be in 2018?  Maybe it has and you are sitting there with the glass of champagne as you have sold out for mega millions.  But if like most of my clients you are sitting there wondering why you didn’t hit the sales and profit goals you were striving for.  What are the excuses?

Did you not find the manufacturer you needed?

Did it take longer to bring the new products to market (they always take longer!)

Did the retailer presentation not quite meet the market and the retailer said no?

Did the retailer presentation go brilliantly but they never replied?

Are you not hitting the sales on a weekly basis?

Was the weather too hot, too cold, too wet or something else?

Did you not get the investment raise you wanted?

Did you get the raise and you don’t like the investors you have got on board?

Or is the business still a figment of your imagination because you just haven’t got started yet!!

The list is endless but you have to put all that behind you and start with a clean slate – 2019 will be different and so we need to be different in our approach.  So I am not going to go all woowoo on you but make a list of what went well and what didn’t hit the mark and look for any common themes – what might you do differently in 2019?  And then throw the mistakes away and start with a shiny new enthusiastic you – I was exhausted by the end of 2018 – had given more than my all and there was nothing left.  So learning for me – set boundaries, take on less, work less, be more productive – you will have your own list!

2. Be clear on what you want for 2019

Yup that does mean setting goals but make them SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely……. and not going to kill you!!! 

I had smart goals for last year and some I achieved and some I missed but also managed to have high blood pressure, mega migraines and not as much fun as I seem to be having in my Facebook life (as with most people!).  Why?  Because I set the wrong goals – I set financial goals, business targets but totally missed the ones about taking care of my well being, growing as a person and making time for relationships with friends and family.   But also I didn’t work out the way to reach my goals ie just working harder and harder as opposed to smarter. 

So if you want to get that Sainsburys listing – it could be worth £0.5m to you – so think about how you could achieve that effectively – buy the compelling Kantar data, work with a category specialist to build the story, develop the products that are perfect for them

3. Woo Woo ways of creating success

Remember why you first wanted to have this food business or to be the sales director or MD of an amazing food brand?  Were you excited at the prospect of seeing your product on the shelf – it IS truly an amazing feeling and my favourite!

Someone wrote on a post I put on Linked in this week that you need to have relentless passion and love for what you do to carry you through the bad times.  Well he is partly right – we do need to have passion for our why but that can be too broad and we can fall out of love with out business but still need to keep going.  So if you have a passion for each goal it makes it easier as does creating of what NLP people call anchors to keep us going.  Creating an anchor is relatively straightforward.  So for each of your key goals this year, create an anchor of positivity – want to win a retailer account?  Think of how amazing that would be – write down all the reasons why you want to achieve this goal and do an anchoring exercise – try this quick one minute video

Then next time you cannot get hold of the buyer, get rejected, get delisted – go back to your anchor for renewed energy.  Bit woowoo?  Try it!

Also don’t sabotage your bigger goal.  One of my goals is to reach an income level as a business mentor – yet I do so much for free. This is effectively sabotaging my income goal by using my only resource – time. Now the marketeers would say, you are giving for free because it will pay back in additional work – it is part of the promotional plan.  But actually a lot of the free stuff I did last year, did not pay back in new business and cost me a lot of money in travelling, time and effort.

So think about your key goals and how you could be sabotaging them by the small stuff. Over the next week, challenge every action you take – is this taking me to my next goal?  IF not then don’t do it!  Whether it is For every action over the next.  Don’t give free samples unless you can see the benefit.  Don’t

4. Make it happen!

So this sounds like the familiar, easy bit, right?   Anyone in business has taken a goal and broken it down into actions.  But what are the actions that push your boundaries?  What have you thought about that will create a bigger better food business but you daren’t do it?  For example take on a full time sales or marketing person?  That scares you financially – you are going to have to find £3-4k per month to pay for them.  But what if they get you that £500k retailer account – which is going to deliver £10k profit a month.  REALITY CHECK – in my experience, the minimum leadtime for getting a retailer listing is 6 months – but allow 18!

So then dream a bit bigger – look to raise some capital to pay for the sales person and you can add in a marketeer and your business is on its way to great things.  Make your bigger goals happen with bigger actions

5. Reinforce success

When I typed this last point – I started by writing “celebrate success” but actually that is not really how this manifesting goes.  You need to REINFORCE success – use every little achievement and feel good moment to reinforce your anchors from point 3. Capture them in a spreadsheet, on your white board in the office – somewhere you will see them to reinforce how you are heading for your goal. 

And don’t beat yourself up about the bad decisions, the wasted actions and the non goal achieving stuff that got in the way.  Write that down too – and see if there is a pattern – why do you get distracted.  And then forgive yourself and forge on ahead!

So I am off for my first goal achieving meeting of 2019.  If you like the sound of this approach for making a success of the new year, give me a shout and we can see how I can work with you to ensure that in 2019 you thrive not just survive

Happy New Year!


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