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Karen’s real strength is in helping to cut through the noise and offering sound, tested strategies and relevant contacts to get things done far more quickly than I would ever have managed on my own.  She keeps me on track, acts as a sounding board, and offers practical support; however it’s her wealth of industry experience and ease of interaction that has made our collaboration so fruitful and enjoyable

Karen Green

VIP Strategy Day


If you are just starting out or been trading for several years, you sometimes need to refocus and take an overview of where your business is going.

This is a high powered and efficient planning day where we meet face to face in - either in London or sunny south of France where I live!

However during these days of Covid, it might be preferable to do this day via Zoom and I have several clients I have done this with recently and works really well especially we split it into two to three chunks!

We start by getting clear on your goals and what you want to achieve with your business

We then look at your route to success whether that is about manufacturing, sales, marketing or gaining funding and possibly exit plan ensuring that the plan is on brand and on strategy

After our session, I send you a business power plan outlining your route to success and key action plan for next 3 months.

** Best results are achieved by adding 90 Day Mentor to keep the momentum going after the session (save £100 when booking both together)

90 Day Mentor

90 day mentor image

£300 per month

If you need ongoing support to develop and grow your business then my 90 day mentoring programme is for you - it is my most popular offer as it gives you full access to my knowledge, expertise and network for an affordable price.

You get 90 minutes a month of 1-1 mentoring by Zoom or telephone which can be split into 30-90 minute sessions.

Once you have booked the session below,  I send you my business questionnaire to understand where you are and identify the key issues are that you need mentoring and support for.

You then have 90 minutes per month with me to use as you choose – it may be that we spend the first hour planning out goals and challenges and then follow up with a 30 minutes session later in the month.

After each session, I’ll send you a summary of the call and key actions for you to take to keep you on track

Pitch Perfect Power Hour

Are you struggling to get your pitch right and worried that you don't know what to say or how to say it? What to put in and what how the buyer might respond

Perhaps you are writing that all important first email and want to get the buyers attention

Or maybe you have got a pitching slot at an event and don't know how to maximise that crucial 10 minutes

Or you have got your first buyer meeting with the retailer of your dreams and no idea what to put int eh presentation?

Whatever the problem, if it relates to getting Pitch Perfect! I have your back.

Book the Power Hour now and lets get it sorted!

 £200 per hour

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