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Let me help you take your food and drink brand  to the next level with more fun and less stress


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Business start Up

You have an amazing food grocery business idea but you don't know how to bring it to market. You are ready to launch your wonderful product but want to fast track the learning curve and tap into my expertise & network to save you time and money.

Ready To Ramp Up!

Your brand is already out there and gaining traction in the local and independent market. You are ready for the big time, selling online and offline

You're not sure how to scale, get a retail listing or create the right presentation for investors.

Ready to Accelerate!

Congratulations! Your brand is doing well and you've survived the early challenges. You are ready to accelerate that growth curve to build sales in the listings you already have, develop new routes to market, or launch additional ranges. 

kick start your incredible Business journey with karen

A Recipe For Success!

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In a Recipe For Success, Karen shares her business stories, advice and exercises to guide readers through the maze of creating a profitable and growing a product manufacturing business.

Recipe for Success provides a step-by-step guide that enables readers to create high profile food / non food brands that can make and sell products successfully.

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MY  Values

  • I tell it how it is - I do not sugar coat my messages – I will tell you where your business is flawed along with how it can be improved.  I will not work with a client if I don’t think I can add significant value.
  • Heart & Soul - I love all my clients and their businesses and will pour my heart and soul into making them a success as though they were my own.
  • Push boundaries - the whole point of having a business mentor is to challenge you to go to the next level.  To push the boundaries, challenge the paradigms and make sure you get stratospheric change.
  • Respect for the individual – whilst I am challenging and pushing, I also know that each of my clients are very different and I respect those differences and adapt my approach.
  • I Do what I say I will do – I am there for my clients consistently and supportively and if I say  will do something – I will do it (I am only human and do sometimes forget but it is not from neglect just forgetful mind!

client testimonials


lucy talbot

"I’ve been working with Karen for just over a year now and in that time my business has grown exponentially. Karen helped me assess the strengths and weaknesses of my business and then come up with a plan to capitalise on the strengths in order to achieve my goals. With Karen’s knowledge and guidance, within a year we have built a SALSA-approved factory, scaled up production, maximised profits and tripled our turnover. Through her own experience Karen has been invaluable in moving my business forward, by helping me realise my vision and the necessary steps to achieve it.”


victoria dioh

"I first met Karen whilst she was mentoring  Ks Wors and by watching her  involvement and her passion concerning the food world I knew instantly that one day i'd want to work with her. 

Over the last few months,  Karen has made me think outside the box with my business. 

She holds me accountable and her attention to detail is reassuring. 

I believe that what she doesn't know about the food industry isn't worth knowing and can't work to continue working with her and to see how Vic's Kitchen evolves."



Saintly Foods

"Over the years I’ve had a number of great ideas for businesses which I’ve never progressed, and have watched other people succeed with similar concepts.  Believing passionately in the potential of Saintly Foods, I knew that this time I needed to find a way to bring our products to market as quickly and effectively as possible.  Fortuitously, I found Karen and - in the few short months since we’ve been working together - have taken the business from yet another good idea to a well defined, high potential start-up and we are launching at a big trade show in 3 weeks time.

Karen’s real strength is in helping to cut through the noise and offering sound, tested strategies and relevant contacts to get things done far more quickly than I would ever have managed on my own.  She keeps me on track, acts as a sounding board, and offers practical support; however it’s her wealth of industry experience and ease of interaction that has made our collaboration so fruitful and enjoyable. I can’t recommend her Food Mentor services and programmes highly enough!"



Food safety and brand protection

“Karen was a speaker for our Future Food Conference, and provides a great energy when presenting. Karen keeps the topics interesting, the content relatable and the audience laughing.Karen's Food Mentor presentation style is informal, engaging and fun.”

client image


Push Chocolate

"Karen has been a great mentor for me. She has helped me to realise how many unknown unknowns there are with launching a food business and helped me navigate through potential problems. Karen has kept me focused, saved me money and I have met some great people through her. All of which have helped me build my business. I look forward to working with Karen in the future."”

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